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First Issue   Issue Two

First Issue

The birth of a publication with Pink Label at Three Peas Art Lounge, which features bold and unique artists whose work expands the boundaries and imaginations of art lovers.
Enjoy cocktails while absorbing art. Models, makeup, lights, photography, sequins, sheens and unrelenting winds in the newly developed near south side of Chicago. It's the holiday season!


Issue Two

A frigid beach shoot with brave
models. Bitter winds along the coast
of Lake Michigan made for a
challenging yet rewarding shoot.
Also, Domestic Garment
Manufacturing: A Beast Not To Be Awoken? The 1920s were a volatile
time for workers in the garment
industry. Read about the hardships
among unions during the roaring


Third Issue


  Third Issue

A morning with vfish designs. A photo shoot at a chic Lakeview boutique, vfish, an elegant contemporary women's clothing line whose idea is to create a stylish yet always comfortable and affordable brand of clothing for women- jewelry, scarves and an appealing array of leggings. Also, a faux fur shoot after the blizzard of 2011 and a look through the decades in fashion. Read about fashion trends- ostrich feathers, elegant fabrics, ribbon, silk, satin straw, ball fringe, flowered coiffures, tassels of bullion, gold nets, golden braided jackets, gossamer handkerchiefs and cuffs, etc. etc.
Issue Four   Issue five

Issue Four

Miriam Cecilia's autumn and winter 2011 collection. Delightful inspirations from nature on models who command the runway. Also, Fashion And The Holmesian Deduction. What is not fashion? Join a fictional designer's voyage through a typical day in the city and witness her transform, becoming a portal into the fashion world.

Fifth Issue

Stunning models on a captivating summer morning in the city. Bridging mayorship, a look at structure. Photoshoots at four different bridges in various city areas. Learn about the history of bridges in Chicgao, from its inception until the 1980s. Learn about Chicago's prevalent bascule bridges.


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